SP 6 STANDARD - The Fast and Feature-Rich alternative to the Dragon dictation box and DragonPad

SP Dictation Boxes - Fast, highly visible, versatile boxes for dictating into speech unfriendly applications. 
SP Editor Basic - The fast, ergonomic alternative to DragonPad, supports rtf, text, ini, dvc, csv, cs and xml files.
Speaker - Global Text To Speech (TTS) that is guaranteed to work everywhere!
Chrome/Edge Search - Convenient select-and-say enabled Internet searches right from your desktop.
Dragon & VC Restart - The fastest way to close and restart Dragon and/or VoiceComputer using voice commands or Hotkeys.
WE Power Commands - Direct editing control of files and folders in Windows Explorer and desktop.

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DB Default

The SP Dictation Box loads in 0.4 seconds. That's much faster than the Dragon dictation box. It's even faster than Notepad. If you use additional Hotkey control it launches almost instantly! Here's a short demonstration video 

DB Advanced

The "heavy dictator" will appreciate an additional box that supports advanced formatting, AutoText commands, inserting of pictures, UPPERCASE/lowercase transfers, spoken transfers and more!

DB High Contrast

The SP Dictation Boxes are DPI aware. They really excel when it comes to visibility. Razor-sharp text on any (4K) monitor. Offering High Contrast and Visually Impaired modes for people with visibility problems.

DB Translucent

Conveniently dictate in this box with adjustable translucency while keeping a full overview of the underlying target application. Great for EMRs or browsing the web while taking notes.


Another Dictation Box you're going to love. Text To Speech right out of the box! It uses the high quality Windows 10 voices. Pause/resume reading, use male/female voice, adjust volume and tempo.

Semi-Automatic Launching 

SP Standard comes with Power Commands which enable semi- automatic launching of the Dictation Box. Here's a short 
demonstration video of that.

SP Editor - Basic

SP Editor is the fast and safe alternative to NatSpeak's DragonPad. With many built in voice commands, convenient 1-click operations, enhanced accessibility options, ergonomic features and Integrated Text To Speech this is the most voice friendly text editor ever. Supports rtf, text, ini, dvc, csv, cs, xml.

Instantly remove duplicate or empty lines. Quickly send your text to Notepad, Open Office Writer, Libre Writer or send selected text to Google. Quickly replace multiple words, optionally paste (HTML/office) source text unformatted.

SP Editor also allows transferring text to the target application. That means you can use it as a very advanced Dictation Box! 


Speaker - The global Text To Speech utility that just works better!

Some Dragon users might have noticed that the Dragon TTS voices don't work in several applications like Thunderbird and most Internet browsers.

Speaker works everywhere, guaranteed! The reading can be stopped with a voice command or hotkey.

Chrome/Edge Search

These fast and convenient select-and-say enabled search boxes will greatly enhance your productivity with Internet searches in Chrome and Edge. You can do your searches right from your desktop or from within these browsers.

Dragon & VC Restart

This popular utility has been around since the very first Speech Productivity versions. It allows you to quickly close or restart Dragon and/or VoiceComputer with simple hotkeys.

If speech is still responsive you can also use voice commands to rapidly close these applications.

You won't have to leave the application or window you're working in. There's no interruption of your workflow! The hotkeys are particularly convenient if speech has become unresponsive.


WE Power Commands

A faster way to directly approach and edit files and folders in Windows Explorer and desktop. Previously this kind of direct access was only possible using third-party file/folder numbering programs.

You can do most common file and folder tasks with just one single voice command. Here's a demonstration video 

Download links are usually sent within an hour to the email address associated with your PayPal account (make sure that email address is still functional!). Due to time zone differences your link may not always be sent instantly. However you will always receive your download within 12 hours. 

The SP single user license allows installation on up to three of your devices provided you are the sole person that's using the program. You are entitled to free version updates. The SP perpetual software license allows lifetime use of the product without any additional costs or hidden fees.

Note that SP 6 Standard only works with Dragon Professional versions (10, 11, 12, 13, DPI 14/15). Buying from Speech Productivity is completely risk-free. If you don't like the product you will get an immediate refund.  

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