Dictate in Speech Unfriendly Applications / Turbocharge your overall Dragon® Productivity!

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You don't want to repeatedly call up the dictation box and you don't want to say “Transfer” all the time. Furthermore you want the freedom to change your target while dictating and have the box respond to that. Most of all you want genuine Dragon® Select-and-Say control to keep your Transfers pristine... 

The innovative SP Auto Box© does all that. It will instantly boost your dictation experience, guaranteed! It brings razor-sharp text (DPI-Aware), intuitive Automatic Transfers, Foreground Window Detection and Full Select-and-Say Control at your fingertips. If you like you can make Auto Box© invisible as well. It will still work. There's also a special Auto Messaging Box version included for WhatsApp and Facebook messenger. 

Contrary to other auto-pasting solutions that immediately send your (unfinished) sentences to the target, Auto Box© does its transfers much more intuitively. You get the chance to properly edit your dictation with full Select-and-Say control while still enjoying fully automatic transfers. And if you do make a mistake you can undo your Transfer(s) directly from within the box itself.

The above demonstration video is a very early one. The GUI has been updated and improved as you can see in this second demonstration video. Here's a third demonstration video that shows how Auto Box© will automatically link itself to a new target window.

Auto Box© is constantly improved. If you purchase SP 6 Standard you will receive all updates for free! Here's a Testimonial Video from a happy Auto Box© user. 

Doing longer, more comprehensive dictations? Here's the featured collection of semi-automatic SP Dictation Boxes. Perfect for writers, translators, medical staff, lawyers etc.

DB Advanced©

Dictation Box Advanced has always been the most popular version in the package. It supports Enhanced Formatting, inserting of pictures, Transfer in UPPER, lower, TitleCase, one-click Export to Notepad/WordPad and more. 

The most recent update features additional Transfer Slow option (letter-by-letter style Transfers) for Citrix and other remote connections, Instant Translucency toggle for better view on the target application, Get Text to import target application text and Accelerator Keys on most menu items for extended Hotkey control.

With the improved menu layout it's easy to resize the box to convenient Compact View while keeping core functionality.
All SP Dictation Boxes automatically remember state, size and location.

DB Default©

The SP Dictation Box loads in 0.4 seconds. That's much faster than the Dragon® dictation box. It's even faster than Notepad®. If you use additional Hotkey control it launches almost instantly! Here's a short Demonstration Video 

DB Log©

This Dictation Box makes it very hard to lose your dictation. If you cancel the box accidentally not only will your dictation be placed on the clipboard, it is also logged to a dedicated text file in your Documents folder. Ultimate safety!

DB Translucent©

Conveniently dictate in this box with Adjustable Translucency while keeping overview of the underlying target application. Great for EMRs or browsing the web while taking notes. 

DB Transparent©

This box gives you True Transparency, meaning you have 100% view on the target application. You can quickly toggle back to opaque mode.

DB High Contrast©

The SP Dictation Boxes are DPI aware. They really excel when it comes to visibility. These boxes offer razor-sharp text on any (4K) monitor. This special High Contrast Dictation Box features Visually Impaired (full-screen) mode with very large font for people with visibility problems.

DB TTS© (Text To Speech)

Dictation Box with advanced proofreading features out-of-the-box!
It uses the high quality Windows 10 voices. Pause/resume reading, choose male or female voice, adjust volume and tempo.
Speaking of TTS, this box also has a dedicated TRANSFER SPOKEN button which is great for (final) proofreading.

DB Dual© - even more flexibility!

Speech Productivity's unique "Dual Box" feature (also present in the most recent Auto Box version and the All-in-One Dictation Box in SP 6 PRO) is now available in SP Standard in the form of a dedicated Dictation Box version.

While dictating in the main field you can use the second field as a "spare clipboard" for additional thoughts and ideas that you might want to insert later on (or quickly store to Notepad® with one click).

Semi-Automatic Launching© 

SP Standard comes with Power Commands for semi-automatic launching of the Dictation Box which will boost your productivity! Here's a short Demonstration Video of that.

Fast Placement in Nine Grids©

Use single voice commands to place the box in any of the nine screen locations i.e. "Top Left", "Right Center", Bottom Right", "Center" etc. 
You also get dedicated (small) DB Top Left and DB Top Right Dictation Box versions.

Further enhance your Dragon® experience with these other Productivity Tools!

SP Editor© - Basic

SP Editor is the faster and safer alternative to NatSpeak's DragonPad®. With many built in voice commands, convenient 1-click operations, enhanced accessibility options, ergonomic features and Integrated Text To Speech this is the most voice friendly text editor ever. Supports rtf, text, ini, dvc, csv, cs, xml.

Instantly remove duplicate or empty lines. Quickly send your text to Notepad®, Open Office Writer, Libre Writer or send selected text to Google. Quickly replace multiple words, optionally paste (HTML/office) source text unformatted.

SP Editor also features TRANSFER and TRANSPORT© to the underlying target application. That means you can use it as a very advanced Dictation Box! 


Speaker© - The global Text To Speech solution that just works better!

Some Dragon users might have noticed that the Dragon TTS voices don't work in several applications like Thunderbird and most Internet browsers. Speaker works everywhere, guaranteed!

The Dragon® microphone automatically goes to sleep before reading and wakes up again when the reading is done. This is particularly handy if you are using a sensitive desktop microphone. Watch Demonstration Video

SP Search©

Full Select-and-say enabled searches in Chrome, Edge and Firefox right from your desktop with this extremely fast and practical tool.
If you combine SP Search with the below Search Correct module you have almost complete voice control of these browser's address bars.

Want even more Internet search options? Check out Quick Panel

Dragon® & VC Restart

This popular utility has been around since the very first Speech Productivity versions. It allows you to quickly close or restart Dragon® and/or VoiceComputer with simple hotkeys. If speech is still responsive you can also use voice commands to rapidly close these applications.

You won't have to leave the application or window you're working in. There's no interruption of your workflow! The hotkeys are particularly convenient if speech has become unresponsive.
Watch Demonstration Video

Quick Correct© - Basic

Dragon natively cannot replace all instances of the same word in a document at once. The innovative Quick Correct© can. It's the ultimate tool for quickly replacing multiple occurrences of words, letters, numbers, punctuation marks etc.

Quick Correct© works with all applications that accept text. It automatically imports any text you've selected in your application upon launch. When you're done making changes you can Transfer back the text to your target application.
Apart from replacing words and letters this is also a great tool for instant removal of unnecessary spaces in your documents.

Hyper Notes©

Absolutely the quickest and simplest way to store your ideas and thoughts. No annoying “Save as” dialogs, no interruptions of your workflow! 

Just call up the fast HyperNote Box, dictate your text, say “Store Note” and you’re done. Time and date are added automatically. It just doesn't get any easier than this!

Search Correct© - for browsers and email clients

The address bar of most browsers is typically speech unfriendly. Replacing words by voice (Select-and-Say) is usually not possible. You can of course install the Dragon web extensions but that won't always solve the address bar dictation problem. Besides, on some systems it causes Dragon to hang or freeze. 

Search Correct offers a different solution. You can correct words almost in the same way you would with the native Dragon correct <dictation> command. This utility also works great with recipient and subject bars in speech unfriendly email clients. 

SP Press Utility©

Previously sold as a standalone utility, now included in SP 6 Standard.

Quickly keep the left or right mouse buttons pressed by voice (you can also keep the mouse wheel pressed for smooth scrolling of webpages). Much faster than using Advanced Scripting commands. In addition you can keep the left mouse button pressed for 1 to 5 seconds after which it wil be released automatically. There's also the option to automatically copy the text you selected upon release.  

There's support for VoiceComputer Intags for quick "voice-dragging" of items on your desktop and Windows Explorer. Watch Demonstration Video

SP Quick Panel©

Direct Voice Access to many common Windows accessories, Administrative tasks, Accessibility features and (hidden) Folders. 
Integrated full Select-and-Say Web Search and two embedded (advanced) Dictation Boxes for your comfort.
SP Quick Panel is the perfect Starting Page for hands-free users!


Quick Store©

What was the URL of that website again? What was the contents of that Facebook post... I should have copied the text in that email...

You wish you'd had Quick Store! The quickest, most ergonomic way to save URLs and (website)text by voice. No interruption of your workflow, just one voice command and your data is written to a dedicated file in your Documents folder. Date and time are added automatically with each entry. 

Quick Store is also useful in Windows Explorer for saving folder paths (if you want to create AppBringUp or ShellExecute voice commands). 
There, it’s stored! It’s that simple :-).  

Hotkeys for Dragon® - give your voice a rest!

You can store a total amount of 72 Dragon® voice commands (both built in and custom Dragon® commands) and launch them with a Hotkey. Changes are applied immediately (real-time) and stored to the registry. 

Designate any Dragon® voice command to the following (fixed) key combinations:

Function Keys, Alternate + Function Keys, Control + Function Keys, Control + Alternate + Function Keys, Win + Function Keys
Control + Win + Function Keys. 

Another powerful feature is that you can create Hotkeys to top-level menus like File, Edit, View, Format and the main buttons of most applications and dialogs like the Transfer button of the Dragon® dictation box for instance. You can also program simple (non capitalized) boilerplate texts. This is particularly handy if you only need them temporary.


Switch is the equivalent to the Alt+Tab (window switching) functionality. Of course you can program these key combinations with Dragon® scripting but the result won’t be nearly as fast.

You can switch forwards or backwards to opened applications or use Window Switcher and choose which window to switch to using the fast SP global direction commands.

We also included the App Switch voice command to cycle through tabs in browsers and email clients. 

Windows Explorer Power Commands©

An innovative, faster way to directly approach and edit files and folders in Windows Explorer or on Desktop. Previously this kind of direct access was only possible using third-party file/folder numbering programs.

You can do most common file and folder tasks with just one single voice command. Watch Demonstration Video 

Not convinced yet? Download the full SP Standard Manual + Command List to get a taste of its power!

Download links are usually sent within an hour to the email address associated with your PayPal account (make sure that email address is still functional!). Due to time zone differences your link may not always be sent instantly. However you will always receive your download within 12 hours. 

The SP single user license allows installation on up to three of your devices provided you are the sole person that's using the program. You are entitled to free version updates. The SP perpetual software license allows lifetime use of the product without any additional costs or hidden fees.

Note that SP 6 STANDARD only works with Dragon® Professional versions (10, 11, 12, 13, DPI 14/15). Buying from Speech Productivity is completely risk-free. If you don't like the product you will get an immediate refund.