Powerful tools to dictate and edit in speech unfriendly applications:
All-in-One© Dictation Box - The most powerful Dictation Box ever! 
Quiet Box© - Auto Transfers for all your short dictations.  
SP Editor© - Fast, ergonomic, feature-rich alternative to DragonPad®. 
Quick Correct© - The advanced voice Search & Replace window.
SP Text Tools© - Direct voice text correction in any application.
Spell in any application© - Even in the most speech unfriendly ones!
Enhancements for the Dragon dictation box - Add more power to it! 

Window activation, sizing & positioning, custom translucency:
Enhanced Application Activation© - Activate anything you see!
Advanced Placement© - Precise window placement.
Absolute and Relative Sizing© - Ultimate voice window sizing.
Global Translucency© - Make any window translucent. 
New Size© - Additional GUI driven window sizing tool.
Placer© - The "List Applications" tool on steroids! 

Effective note taking by voice

HyperNotes© - The fastest way to create your plain text notes. 
TopicNotes© - Take fast note-taking to a whole new level!
Dictation to WAV© - Quickly save your text as a playable WAV file.
Quick Store© - Lightning fast storing of website text and URLs. 

Hands-free launching, searching & scrolling control:
SP Search© - Select-and-say enabled web search in all browsers.
SP Glide© - The universal voice scrolling tool for browsers and editors.
Launching Zone© - Construct your own hands-free starting page!

Enhanced accessibility & mouse control:
SysTray© - Complete hands-free control of the notification area.
SP Press Utility© - Keep the mouse buttons pressed by voice.
Find Me© - Quickly locate your mouse pointer by voice.
SP Auto Clicker© - Dwell Click utility with various interesting options.
SP Grid© - The fastest 400 cell Pointer Grid (multi-monitor support).
Speaker© - Text To Speech (TTS) that works everywhere, always!
SP Lens© - Easy to use, "nonintrusive" portable screen lens. 
Mike Level© - Directly control and maintain Dragon microphone level.

Advanced hotkey control:
SP Hotkey Manager© - Launch up to 999 programs with a Hotkey.
Hotkeys for Dragon© - Convert any Dragon command to a Hotkey!
Dragon® & VC Restart© - Instantly restart Dragon, KB, VC and SS+.

The most versatile voice utilities:
SP Voice Calculator© - Do all your calculations simply by voice.
SP Process Killer© - Kill any process/application quickly by voice.
SP Startup Manager© - Manage applications that start with Windows.
SP Clipboard Viewer© - Monitor your clipboard in real time.
SP Pause Reminder© - Highly configurable Dragon break reminder.

For voice coders:
SP Code Prep© - Dictation Box & Syntax Highlighting combined. 
Plates© - Create large collections of manageable boilerplates/strings. 
Transit© - Rapidly insert any code snippet or string into your target.

Highly customizable with SP Configuration Manager©
Customize the modules' sizes, fonts, colors, backgrounds to suit your own needs. But wait, in SP 7 PRO you can now also change the button names. That's right. What about changing the Dictation Box "TRANSFER" button into "GO", or "Sssjjj" and have Dragon respond to it? What about changing the "CANCEL" button to "Goodbye". Here's a demonstration video of that feature. Feel free to create your custom Dictation Box©, Quiet Box©, Plates©, Grid© etc. version!

You can take our word for it, no other Dragon add-on will give you this much power and flexibility!

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All-in-One© Dictation Box (DB)©

The All-in-One Dictation Box© is Speech Productivity's flagship. This one-stop dictation solution has been optimized even further in version 7. All functionalities are now accessible via highly responsive drop-down menus. Result: a very smooth and compact box that launches even faster than the previous version 6.

The AIO DB© has many features like Adjustable Auto Transfer, Intelligent Transport, Extended Citrix Support, Statistics Count, Advanced Search & Replace, Auto Font Adjust, Auto Get Text, Enhanced Proofreading options, and integrated Web Search. We added optional "Sticky Mode" to lock the Dictation Box to a specific application. It will then always transfer/transport to that application.

Those with vision problems will welcome this highly visible box with its Enhanced Accessibility Views and additional Color Themes. Programmers will like the built-in support for virtually all cases like PascalCase, snake_case, kebab-case, etc.

The All-in-One© Dictation Box really works everywhere, even in Windows Metro Apps as you can see in this video

Highly Configurable

You can completely adjust the box to your own needs. Do custom resizing or use Simple, Compact, or Advanced Modes. In addition, we offer the innovative Dual Mode where you can use "Box 2" as a "spare clipboard". Great for thoughts and ideas you don't want to transfer just yet. 

Choose your own Color theme and set your custom font for both text field as well as menus. You can even choose your own background colors. Everything will be remembered upon the next boot. Citrix users can fine-tune the Transfer process to their specific needs. 

Improved Text to Speech and Hotkey control are fully integrated and can conveniently be turned on or off. The same goes for Auto Backup, Auto Font Adjust, Intelligent Punctuation, and the option to not use the clipboard (for programmers).

Get ready for this: version 7 gives you the option to change the menu labels of virtually any SP PRO module via the SP Configuration Manager. That's right, you can for instance change "TRANSFER"," "TRANSPORT", "CANCEL" etc. into anything else you find more appropriate. This really is the Ultimate Dictation Box! 

Quiet Box© - Auto(Box) Mode

The Quiet Box© is a minimal dictation window that can be completely hidden if so desired yet allowing dictated text to be automatically passed to a target application. Detection of the target is automatic and so is the transfer process. Quiet Box© also features "Sticky" mode allowing you to transfer to a fixed application while browsing other windows.

Want even more automation? Enable the Auto Punctuation checkbox and every utterance will automatically land in your target as a full sentence (with initial Cap and "."). But that's not all in the most recent version we included Auto Box© mode. That means the innovative blend of auto transfer and full Select-and-Say control!

Made a mistake? No problem, the box can undo your last utterance directly in your target application. You can also pause the box to quickly get it out of the way. Resuming your dictation is just as easy.
Best of all, this box works everywhere (not just in speech unfriendly applications :-)).

Want to dictate more than just a couple of sentences? Instantly switch to Manual Mode for full Select-and-Say capability.

Quiet Box© - Manual Mode

Experienced Dragon users know that any kind of automatic transfer method (although great for short dictations in Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.) is only as good as its available correction options. After all, no one has 100% Dragon accuracy and you don't want to revert to tedious manual corrections or clunky script workarounds.

With just one click (or command) Quiet Box will unfold to a larger, fully featured manual dictation box with the classical Transfer and Transport functionality and 100% genuine Select-and-Say control.

But of course this mode also allows the Auto Box© functionality.


SP Editor©

SP Editor© is the fast and safe alternative to DragonPad. With over 100 built in Voice Commands, Convenient 1-Click Operations, Enhanced Formatting, Advanced Proofread options, All Casings Support, High Contrast and Visually Impaired accessibility modes, Ergonomic features, Integrated Web Search and built in Text To Speech, this is the most voice friendly text editor ever!

In version 7 we added the option to Auto Highlight text (different size and color) that was copied to the editor. And then there's the new Zen Mode which renders true Full-Screen view with optional hiding of the taskbar. Focus on your writing only! SP Editor© supports rtf, text, ini, dvc, csv, cs, xml. You can set SP Editor© as your default editor for all these file types. You can also use SP Editor© as a very advanced Dictation Box!

Quick Correct© (Advanced Search & Replace)

Quick Correct is the ultimate tool for quickly replacing multiple instances of words, numbers, punctuation marks, and pretty much anything else you'd like to change with simple voice commands. It works with all applications that accept text. The target words (numbers, punctuation marks etc.) will be highlighted. When correction is done the corrected words will be highlighted as well (in a different color). You can then Transfer or Transport the edited text to your target application.

Apart from removing words, Quick Correct is also a great tool to remove unnecessary spaces, commas, exclamation points etc.. Just like in the All-In-One Dictation Box you can quickly apply all popular casings like UPPERCASE, lowercase, camelCase, snake_case, kebab-case, and PascalCase. Watch Demonstration Video

SP Text Tools© is a powerful module to edit text in speech unfriendly applications without the need to use a dictation box. 

You can directly Change words or sentences in your speech unfriendly target application with the included SP Selection Tool almost in the same way you would do with the Dragon correction window. It also supports multiple text matches.

But that's only the beginning. You can directly Remove or Replace words with only one command. This even works with compounded strings (like words inside a URL in the browser address bar).
The removal feature is very powerful it also allows you to remove unnecessary Apostrophes, Braces, Brackets, Colons, Commas, Dashes, Hashes (#), Parens, Periods, Questions (?), Spaces, Stars (*), Tildes (~), Underscores, etc. The Replacement feature not only allows the replacement of words (i.e. replace Rob with Tom) but also the replacement of dashes with hyphens, straight quotes with curly quotes, etc.).

Easily Alphabetize and Sort your text or directly apply all popular Casings like camelCase, PascalCase, kebab-case, Snake_Case to your text. SP Text Tools is also the easiest way to quickly Quote or Unquote text in your speech unfriendly target application.

Even more features will be added to this module in the future!

Use the Dragon® Spelling Window everywhere!

Experienced Dragon users know that the Dragon spelling window simply won't come up in speech unfriendly applications (browsers, IDEs and such).
SP 6 PRO already had a workaround method, but the way spelling is implemented in SP Standard has always been better. That's why we now implemented it in PRO as well.

Simply say "spell" (and pause for a very brief moment) in any application. An invisible instance of Auto Box© comes up in the background to receive your dictation and it will also trigger the Dragon spelling window. When done with your spelling, say "OK" as you normally would. The contents will land in your target application. Watch the demonstration video on the left.

Enhancements for the Dragon® dictation box

Although the SP Dictation Boxes are faster, safer, and more versatile than the Dragon dictation box, some users still prefer it for their daily work. There are some good reasons. After all the Dragon dictation box is extremely reliable when it comes to keeping on top of the target application making it almost impossible for Transfer to fail. Also, it can load fully automatic.

SP 7 PRO supports those users as well by adding useful enhancements to the Dragon dictation box like instant box placement, instant box resizing, quick font resizing, one single voice command to make the dictation box launch 50% faster, optional continuous dictation box backup (even upon accidental canceling of the box), and voice text zoom.

Ultimate Application Activation©

SP Application Activation© has become one of the most popular features in the package. It's actually one of the most powerful modules. 

As a Dragon user you've probably found out that the native Dragon switch to <application> command Is not always reliable. It's also somewhat limited because although
it can identify applications, you cannot switch to specific instances of that application (different instances of Notepad® for example).

The latest version of SP Application Activation© takes things to a whole new level. You can activate anything you see in the taskbar. You can even use partial names. You can also directly close applications (without having to activate them first).


Advanced Placement©

Quickly place Explorer or program windows to any of the 9 grid locations on your screen (top left, top center, middle of the screen, center-right, bottom right, etc.) by voice.
If you use the module Placer discussed below you can even use 16 grid(!) placement.

The package also contains commands for nudging the window to any direction. On top of that you can use the Follow Cursor© feature which will move the window to your current mouse pointer location.

One of the exciting new features is the option to move the active window relative to the previously active window i.e. "To the left", "To the bottom" of that window. You can completely rearrange your windows by voice! DEMONSTRATION VIDEO

Detailed Sizing©

Sizing Explorer Windows, Browsers and applications like MS Word completely hands-free is not so easy with Dragon. Particularly if you want to set the new size relative to the current size.

Now you can resize your application windows with an exact percentage (in relation to the current size). For example you can say: "Size 120". This will make your window 20% bigger, "Size 75" will make it 25% smaller. You can adjust Height or Width only.

SP 6 PRO also supports absolute sizing. Check out New Size©

These features are extremely useful in your day-to-day work, especially if you combine them with the Window Placement commands.

Global Translucency©

Making the SP Dictation Box translucent (semi-transparent) was already featured in previous SP versions. But now we've turned it into a global feature. You can actually make any application translucent (yes, even the Dragon dictation box) by voice easily!

Picture the possibilities, you can work virtually in two Windows at the same time. Browse the web while keeping an eye on the underlying application (like EMR, Email client, etc.).

You get 10 levels of translucency where 1 is almost fully transparent and 10 is completely opaque.

Note that the All-In-One Dictation Box© has its own adjustable translucency settings.

New Size©

This utility that complements the SP Global Sizing feature, offers a convenient UI to resize your application or Explorer windows with absolute sizes (pixels) by voice.

Switching to another application? You can keep New Size© open. Just use the "Change Target" menu item to quickly apply a (new) size to your target.

Apart from the one-click Custom templates you can add as many preset sizes to the "Preset Sizes" menu item as you like. 


You can consider Placer© an activation tool on steroids. Not only can you activate any running application but you can also immediately kill it, size it or place it in any of the 16 (!) grid locations.

Experienced Dragon users probably know that some of the processes that appear in Task Manager as well as in the Dragon "list applications" dialog are not actual programs you can activate (like Microsoft Text Input Application for example). These are merely background processes or even items in the notification area (like Malwarebytes Tray Application). So you typically don't want to see these in your list of running applications. 

That's why Placer gives you the option to both Blacklist applications and put them back again if necessary (Green list).


HyperNotes makes it possible to quickly store anything that pops into mind with two or even one single voice command and without any Save as dialogs. Your dictation is automatically stored to a dedicated text file in your Documents folder. Date and time are added with every new entry as well.


TopicNotes© is the more powerful brother of HyperNotes©. It has a markdown (HTML format) mirror window and supports various formatting styles. 

You can quickly create (separate) dedicated notes with a simple syntax. 
Saying “Topic meeting at the office tomorrow at 10”. Will put “Meeting at the office tomorrow at 10” in: my documents\SP_Data\SP_Notes\SP_meeting.txt. 
Time and date will be added as well. 

If the active window is a browser, you can optionally capture its URL.
When "Spreadsheet" is checked, data will be stored in the clipboard when you click the Store button. You can now paste it into the spreadsheet as a comma delimited row. Any “new line” characters will be replaced by a comma. 

Dictation to WAV©

You can select any portion of text, in any program and utter the command "Dictation to WAV". This will store the text as a playable WAV audio file using your default Windows 10/11 voice.

Very convenient if you want to grab text and have it read out to you some other time. The "To WAV" functionality is also directly integrated in the "Functions" menu in the All-In-One Dictation Box.

Quick Store©

The fastest, most ergonomic way to quickly save URLs and website text by voice. There's no interruption of your workflow and your data will be written to a dedicated Notepad-style file in your Documents folder. Date and time are added as well.

The commands are available in all browsers. The “Quick Store URL” command is also useful in Windows Explorer because there it will save the folder path (if you want to create voice commands with AppBringUp or ShellExecute).

In addition you have the command “Quick Store That” at your disposal. Just highlight some text in any application and say the command. There it’s stored! It’s that simple :-). 

SP Search©

Perform Select-and-Say enabled searches in five popular browsers right from your desktop! Extremely useful if you don't want to use the Dragon web extension which in some cases causes Dragon to freeze. 

Version 7 has become highly customizable through SP Configuration Manager and adds lots of additional functionalities like, searching directly in one of the three biggest search engines, or within your own custom set websites.

Your online search queries will not become more ergonomic and Dragon friendly than this!

SP Glide© 

A convenient, universal tool for (smooth) scrolling of webpages and text documents without the need to use various (slow) Advanced Scripting commands. Glide© supports scrolling in all directions with various speeds.

You can do discrete or continuous scrolling. Control scrolling speed in real-time or set your custom speeds in the Speed Factor configuration menu. In addition you can pause, resume, and even reverse the scrolling direction.

Watch Demonstration Video

Launching Zone© (Create your custom hands-free starting page)

Another Speech Productivity innovation, SP Launching Zone© allows you to create your own hands-free starting page. Easily add categories and action buttons to your page to perform common tasks like opening folders, programs, files, websites or choose any of the 200 built-in Run Commands. You can add as many buttons (and categories) as you like.

This is a great way to make your voice command tasks more visual while at the same time avoiding cluttering the Dragon Command Browser and possibly slowing down Dragon. You are going to love this one! Version 7 adds even more levels of customization.   


SysTray is Speech Productivity's innovative way to approach the notification area (tray icons) by voice. You will not only see all the icons' tooltips in one glance (so you know what they represent) but you can also directly activate them, choosing a left or right-click.

The program gives you several options to approach the notification area items. You can use the reference number, select by dictation or simply move up or down the list.

This is the tool that hands-free users have been waiting for!

SP Press Utility©

Quickly keep the left or right mouse buttons pressed by voice (you can also keep the mouse wheel pressed for smooth scrolling of webpages). Much faster than using Advanced Scripting commands. You can also keep the left mouse button pressed for a defined number of seconds (up to 50, after which it will release automatically).

If you select text with the utility, either manually or by using the Dragon mouse motion commands you can have that text copied automatically upon button release. 

There's also support for VoiceComputer Intags. You can directly "grab" items on your desktop or in Windows Explorer by using the Press <number> command. Watch DEMONSTRATION VIDEO

Find Me©

You probably know the Mouse setting in Windows to show the current pointer location when pressing the CTRL key.

While useful, we were looking for something more “Visual”. Besides, this Windows setting also has a tendency to show the pointer animation while using the control key as part of a (hot)key combination, which can be annoying.

Therefore we came up with the “Find Me” voice command which shows a pointer animation you can’t miss. Watch Demonstration Video 

SP Auto Click©

Advanced Dwell Clicker that auto-clicks whenever the mouse stops moving (great for people with RSI or physical limitations), with adjustable Dwell/Hold time and Sensitivity.

It doesn't just left-click, right-click, double-click, Alt-click or Ctrl-click, but you can also make it press the Enter key or Spacebar (very convenient when browsing long webpages!).

An interesting option is that you can make it click only if an I-Beam, Hand or Arrow is detected. Choose from nine different "click" sounds. 

SP Grid© (With multi-monitor support)

SP 7 PRO contains the fast-loading precision Pointer Grid for direct mouse pointer placement in any of the 400 available grid locations. In addition, it has the classic X at Y coordinates feature for even more precise placement. You can move the mouse pointer to any location or move and click it directly.

The default grid numbering color is red. However, that color doesn’t work in every situation. The same goes for the default size of the numbers. Therefore, we added the SP Configuration Manager enabling you to adjust color and numbering size. It also gives you the option to hide border coordinates, showing (red) grid numbers only. 


Speaker is the faster, more reliable alternative to the Dragon Text To Speech voices. The Dragon® TTS voices don't work in browsers and several other programs. Speaker works everywhere, guaranteed!

Speaker automatically puts your microphone to sleep before reading and turns it back on again when finished. This is particularly convenient for those who use sensitive desktop microphones.

This completely rebuilt GUI version allows Pause/Resume reading by pressing Enter or Space. Pressing the End key will stop the reading.
Note that the TTS function in the All-In-One Dictation Box is different. It reads punctuation marks out loud as well (which can be particularly useful for proofreading). However, in the Dictation Box you can use both.

SP Lens©

SP Lens© is an easy-to-use, "nonintrusive" portable screen lens.
Contrary to the standard Windows Magnifier, SP Lens won't lock to your mouse pointer. It will initially launch in the center of the screen with the left mouse button pressed for easy dragging. However, from that point on you can "park" it anywhere you like. Manually, or by voice. With the SP Grid© for instance.

This convenient lens can be useful in various ways. To magnify the notification area for example. Those with deteriorating eyesight may find that the Dragon® tray icon is getting harder to spot when you've gotten up from behind your computer and forgot to check whether the Dragon® microphone was really off…

Just drag SP Lens© over it, and leave it there. The Dragon tray icon will be highly visible for the rest of your session! 

Mike Level©

There are a few programs, Dragon; Skype; Teams; and others, that have default options to “automatically maintain the microphone recording level.” They almost always cause the level to maximize at, or near, 100%. This can cause certain types of microphones to pick up unwanted noise. On the other hand, if the input level is too low, Dragon has a hard time interpreting what you are saying. So, it’s critical to get the right balance. 

In some rare cases, Dragon may either misinterprets the input level of a (new) microphone, or the microphone itself may actually produce an input that Dragon finds unacceptable.

In all these cases the SP Mike Level© utility is an extremely useful tool. You can set the exact microphone level you want and maintain it. You can do this in real-time. SP Mike Level© also works if other applications take access of the Windows microphone input level (i.e. lowering it).

SP Hotkey Manager©

A completely configurable Keyboard Hook! You can register single or combined hotkeys to open any application (or PDF file) you want, including the SP modules and/or their help files.

You can load up to 900 applications using Hotkeys with this powerful tool. Of course, the only limitation is the number of keys on your keyboard ;-).

Easily launch any application you want with this powerful tool!

Hotkeys for Dragon 

Give your voice a rest. Load up to 900 Dragon voice commands and load them with a hotkey! Choose your own key combinations.
If only you had enough keys on your keyboard ;-)
You can also create hotkeys to control top-level menus like File, Edit, View, Format in text editors like Notepad, Wordpad, and Word.
Main application/dialog buttons are also supported so you can, for instance, create hotkeys for the Transfer and Cancel buttons of the Dragon dictation box or the main sections in the Dragon Options dialog. 

Dragon & VC Restart©

The popular utility has been around since the very first Speech Productivity versions. It allows you to quickly close or restart Dragon, VoiceComputer, KnowBrainer and SpeechStart+ with a simple hotkey. You can close/restart them individually or close/restart them all.

You won't have to leave the application or window you're working in. There's no interruption of your workflow! This utility is particularly handy if speech has become unresponsive.


In previous SP Pro versions the hotkeys were fixed. Now you can set your own using the new SP Hotkey Manager which allows launching any program (exe) with a hotkey of your choice.

SP Voice Calculator©

Software calculators are usually not very Dragon friendly in a sense that you can't "speak" in the way you would normally "press" calculator buttons. 

This semi-scientific voice calculator makes it all possible, and you can directly speak and insert larger numbers as well. On top of that, this calculator adds some interesting functions.

So from now on there's no need to get up and look for your smartphone (or desktop calculator) anymore. You can do it all directly from your PC!

SP Process Killer©

Rapidly create voice commands for killing any process/application you specify. This can be convenient if a program has become unresponsive or if you want to quickly restart programs (like Dragon for instance). No more need to create separate batch files or VBS scripts!

With SP Process Killer the procedure is easy. Just replace the words "your application" in the template command with the name of the executable you want to kill: Notepad, dictation box, Paint, Chrome, or any other process in Task Manager. 

Some applications like Chrome or WhatsApp have multiple instances running in Task Manager. You can kill them all by simply adding the word "all" to the template script line. It's that easy!

SP Startup Manager©

Originally created for easy enabling/disabling of SP startup items like SP Pause Reminder and Hotkey Manager, but the tool can also be useful for managing your Windows startup folder in general.

SP Clipboard Viewer©

Monitor the Windows clipboard in real time by voice to see what text has been copied there. You can clear all clipboard contents or view clipboard history (if enabled in PC Settings).

SP Clipboard Viewer© version 7 now also supports screen grabs/snippets, and Windows Explorer file paths.

You can conveniently switch from Compact to Extended view or apply transparency to the SP Clipboard Viewer© window.

SP Pause Reminder©

With so many productivity tools it sure can be tempting to work on your computer for hours. Experienced Dragon users know they can achieve great results in a small amount of time. Who hasn't been there? You think "let's finish this up, won't take more than half an hour". When those 30 minutes have passed you think "let's do a quick reply to some emails that need addressing and then I'll turn off my computer". And then just before logging off, you decide to quickly check your Facebook page...

Let's face it "quickly" usually becomes "long". There's just so much to do! Before you know it you spend well over three hours behind the screen without taking any breaks at all (again :-(). This can be more serious than it looks. Staring at the screen for prolonged periods of times is bad for your eyesight. Talking to your computer for a prolonged period of time can cause voice strain. In addition, since many users don't use correct posture, you are at risk of developing neck and shoulder problems too.

This is not necessarily about discipline. It's actually a matter of using the proper tool to help you along. This is where SP Pause Reminder comes in. The utility allows you to set a time frame that you want to work and a break time. When the time has expired the microphone goes to sleep. You'll hear a beep sound and the Pause Reminder will fill your entire screen (those last two settings are optional). When your break has passed the microphone turns back on again, enabling you to get back to work. Simple and sweet. Just what you needed! 

SP Code Prep©

Voice coders know that virtually every IDE is typically Dragon unfriendly. That's why we came up with an interesting combi of Dictation Box and Code (Preview) Editor. Just dictate your code into the speech friendly upper (Dictation Box) section. As soon as you say "Send" the contents will show up in the lower syntax highlighting section. If you're happy with the result then you can Transfer the contents to your target IDE.

You can set the following code types:
ADA, ASM, Batch, BlitzBasic, CPP, CSS, Fortran, FreeBasic, HTML, Json, Lisp, Lua, Markdown, Pascal, Perl, PHP script, PowerShell, PureBasic, Python, R, Ruby, Smalltalk, SQL, VB, VBscript, Verilog, and XML.


Plates© is an SQLite database driven tool that will help you create and manage a large amount of strings, templates, and boilerplates by voice. If you're a medical worker, programmer, translator, lawyer, or if you simply want to avoid the limitations of the Dragon Command Browser then Plates© is for you.

While Dragon can store the same sort of things, sometimes it may be difficult to recall their names easily. Plates© gives you the ability to easily alter the string to suit the individual requirements before transferring the data directly into a target application. Here you can logically organize them and most importantly, easily transfer them to your target document. 

Storing large numbers of boilerplates (or voice commands in general) can slow down Dragon® performance. Plates© operates independently from Dragon. So there are no limitations to the number of boilerplates you can store. Besides, Plates© can be used without Dragon as well.
Watch the Plates Demonstration Video


This tool is extremely helpful for adding strings, boilerplates, code snippets that don't get translated very well by Dragon. Perhaps you have large sections of code or other data you want to quickly insert into your target (EMR, IDE or HTML editors, etc.).

Transit© makes it possible, and with a minimal amount of effort! Best of all you are not burdening Dragon in any way because all your boilerplate/code snippets are stored in a database file that's neither part nor has any effect on Dragon®. So, feel free to add as many snippets you want!

You can use Transit© in visible or non-visible mode. Visible mode would be convenient if you don't remember the exact reference name of your snippet, or if you want to add more snippets. The additional Assist function will autoload to AIO DB and paste your snippet there, so you can do quick editing before sending it to your target.

However, it is much more likely that you do know the reference name, particularly if you are using certain strings regularly. In that case you can insert them into your target application directly. For example, on the left, you can see the "for each" reference near the middle of the illustration. Adding that string to your target would be a simple as saying "Transit for each".

Once you grow accustomed to Transit© you'll wonder how you ever did without it!

Configuration Manager©

The improved Configuration Manager© not only makes it easy to change settings of SP Grid©, Launching Zone© and Glide© and New Size©, you can also change the menu labels of most of the other SP 7 PRO modules.

Changing the menu labels? Does that mean that I can change the TRANSFER, TRANSPORT, CANCEL etc. menus in the All-In-One Dictation Box?
Yes you can! And not only in the Dictation Box. You can change most of the menu labels in SP 7 PRO and Dragon will respond to them! 

This is perhaps the most powerful new feature of SP 7 PRO. No other Dragon add-on will give you such flexibility!

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