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About Speech Productivity

Thanks for your interest in SP! My name is Rob Meulman. I'm an experienced Dragon Naturally Speaking and VoiceComputer user from The Netherlands. Due to severe RSI problems in my arms, shoulders and back I was forced to abandon my keyboard and mouse years ago. Now I rely for about 90% on speech recognition.

I’m a musician (singer-songwriter/guitarist) and arranger. I mainly compose my music with software programs like Band in a Box, RMCA arranger and Synthfont. If you’re curious about my music you can visit my YouTube channel or visit my website.                                                                                                    

I’m also a computer and software enthusiast. Recently I’ve been focusing on several programming languages that can enhance speech recognition software. Speech recognition has made it possible for me to still be productive with my computer. I have made most of my software programs completely voice-enabled. Here’s an example of how I made Band in a Box hands-free and another example of how I created Dragon voice commands for the Guile 3D Denise virtual assistant program.

SP adds useful features to both Dragon and VoiceComputer. The combination of these three programs is as far as speech recognition can possibly take you. If you have any questions about SP feel free to contact me.