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That's what's our extensive and responsive customer support is all about. We are here to help you and we are only satisfied if you are satisfied. It's as simple as that!
SP products usually work out-of-the-box but sometimes specific features don't work on your system right away. This usually is the result of not reading the program documentation but it may also have to do with your specific system setup.
Your problems will be solved but sometimes it requires a little patience. But that's not for everyone and let's face it, software should simply work! Therefore we offer an immediate and complete refund if you are not satisfied with our products (no questions asked). 

Here's what customers have to say:

I am a spine physician. I have used Dragon for many years. SP Pro has become a cost effective, time saving alternative to the standard Dragon dictation box. The SP dictation box works flawlessly and when I have asked for modifications they immediately offered additional custom solutions for me. Read more 

Robert B. Giedraitis, MD
Charlotte, North Carolina USA

I used to find myself using the plain dictation box that came with Dragon. However, even in that dictation box, I overlooked obvious mistakes due to the lack of font clarity. I always thought there had to be a better way and along came the Speech Productivity program dictation boxes. Read more

Gary Solomon, Account Manager FedEx Corp.
Adjunct Professor National University

Speech Productivity has been very receptive to listening to his customers. For me, there are three massive advantages in using SP: overcoming problems with immobility, helping to overcome problems with weakening eyesight and increasing business productivity. Read more 

Stephen Lewis, Commercial Contracts
Nimbargent Birmingham, England

Mary Crawford, Author and SP user

Mac (and Windows) users may be interested in the popular books of Mary Crawford which contain many advices to boost your dictation productivity with Dragon. Mary is a long-term Dragon user who knows all the ins and outs of speech recognition.

On the left you can watch a section of her "The Art of Storytelling with Dictation" presentation where she also recommends Speech Productivity.

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