SP Standalone Section - Buy individual modules starting at $15!

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This is the Standalone Section of the Speech Productivity website. Here you can purchase modules that have just been released and are either not part of SP 7 Standard or PRO, or involve a much more advanced version. These modules are not just available to current SP Standard or SP PRO users but to all Dragon users! So, if you've never purchased SP products before then you should grab your chance! This section will be updated with interesting new modules all the time, so stay tuned!

Auto Box© 8

Auto Box© 8 is the closest you will get to dictating into Dragon unfriendly apps with genuine Dragon Select-and-Say control combined with intuitive Automatic Transfers.

Version 8 has huge improvements like Application locking (Targeting), Completely Adjustable GUI, Adjustable Activation and Switching delay, Smart Dominant Mode, Form Filler Mode, Tab/Tab Back in your target application right from within Auto Box©, and much, more! Auto Box© has an extensive, easy accessible Help file to get acquainted with all its features! 

Auto Box© 8 Demonstration Video
New features added in version 8.2

Zen Editor© 8

Looking for a replacement for the Dragon unfriendly Notepad version in Windows 11? Look no further! Zen Editor© is highly versatile, feature-rich and extremely Dragon friendly! You can set Zen as your default editor for the following file types: txt, ahk, au3, bat, cs, c++, c, csv, cmd, dvc, htm, html, ini, log, reg, vbs, xml

Zen was originally designed as a True Full Screen, No Distractions editor (hiding the taskbar as well). Perfect for writers and novelists. However, it has evolved into an allround, extremely voice ergonomic (plain) text editor. You can buy this powerful version for just $25.

Contrary to most other text editors Zen has directly accessible (top level) menu items like: Open, New, Save As, Undo, Redo. And many Dragon users will be pleased to hear that Zen Editer has the "old-fashioned" unlimited (one by one) undo stack! 

Zen has interesting functions like instantly importing underlying applications text, with Get Text feature. But there's more. You can quickly add line numbers to your text or apply various Casings to it. instantly remove empty, duplicate, or unnecessary lines, or immediately make all text one paragraph. Directly send contents to Google, Open Office, Libre Office, Notepad or WordPad.

Zen has built in High Contrast and Visually Impaired Modes. In addition you can completely customize the way Zen looks with the built in Theme Editor

You can manually set Text Encoding while saving files, or you can set ASCII, UTF-8 or Unicode as global defaults.

Zen has a convenient, adjustable, Continuous Backup function which is a real must for writers!

Zen has the sleekest, highly visible most ergonomic Font Picker you've ever seen. Commonly used fonts are directly accessible. But if you click the "More Fonts" button Zen will quickly scan your system for all available fonts on your system and display them in a highly responsive, full-screen Font Picker!  

The same thing goes for all colors in Zen. Everything is customizable, whether it's the text color, text background color, interface text color, or interface background color.

Just like Auto Box© 8, Zen has a quickly accessible and extensive Help file.

SP Grids© 8

SP Grids© is the highly adjustable alternative to the Dragon MouseGrid. It features
real-time adjusting of the number of cells/rows (up to 1000!), colors, opacity, grid location, etc. There is also the option to target the Taskbar only.

SP Grids© can be a very useful tool to anyone who has problems operating a standard mouse. We made it available at a low price so it will be affordable to anyone.

Watch the video below to get a glimpse of the powerful features of SP Grids©.

Please note that SP Grids© only supports single monitor setup. If you are using a multi-monitor setup you will be interested in SP 7 PRO's Grid