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Taking notes in Dragon Medical.

My experience with the Speech Productivity PRO program has been excellent. I am a spine physician and use Dragon Medical DMPE 4 for extensive daily medical note production. I have used Dragon for many years and SP PRO has become a cost effective, time saving alternative to the standard Dragon dictation box. It is fully compatible with Dragon Medical. The SP dictation box works flawlessly and when I have asked for modifications they immediately offered additional custom solutions for me. The SP editor works equally as well as a Dragon dictation box. There seems to be a dictation box created for every type of need.

The additional commands offer the user the ability to restart Dragon if unresponsive, back up transcribed text, perform Internet searches and open programs.

The customer support has been excellent and has helped me greatly improve my work flow and note completion time. I would highly recommend SP PRO to all Dragon Professional, Legal or Medical users.

Robert B. Giedraitis, MD
Charlotte, North Carolina USA

A better alternative to DragonPad.

I rarely endorse add-on products. I have made an exception for Speech Productivity PRO. I have been using voice recognition software for more than thirty years, and I have lost my fair share of data using DragonPad. However, I don't worry about data loss since I discovered Speech Productivity PRO.

Speech Productivity PRO is everything DragonPad should be, but isn't. Finally, there is a way to safely dictate into applications that don't support Dragon Professional Individual 15.3 directly. Speech Productivity PRO allows me to dictate into windows of various sizes and transparencies. This feature is beneficial when working with other programs.

Speech Productivity PRO is an incredibly powerful add-on to your professional edition of Dragon for Windows.

Mary Crawford, Author
Oregon, USA

Dictate with confidence.

If you are like me, you use voice recognition in order to expedite your document creation much more quickly and easily. However, there is always that, "crisis of confidence" that what you intended to dictate professionally, ends up having the type of errors that are embarrassing and humiliating. As a result, I used to find myself usually using the plain dictation box that came with Dragon. However, even in that dictation box, I overlooked obvious mistakes due to the lack of font clarity. 

I always thought there had to be a better way and along came the Speech Productivity program dictation boxes. Essentially, with a one-word command or a keystroke, you can pull up a large, clear and editable box. Another feature I love is the ability to create a keystroke representing a voice command. There are too many other practical options to name here. I now have the confidence that what I intended to dictate is what appears within my professional and personal emails and documents. It really does bridge what was missing from voice recognition.

Gary Solomon, Worldwide Account Manager FedEx Corp.
Adjunct Professor Marketing and Supply chain National University

Very impressed with the customer support.

I only use a couple small features of speechproductivity, but I absolutely love its usefulness. The two features that I use are the "Restart Dragon & VC" and the "SP Editor". If it wasn't for the ability to restart Dragon with my voice I would be stuck until I could find a friend to restart Dragon for me when it freezes.

The SP editor I use almost exclusively instead of WordPad. It has many editing features that I find very useful in my daily work. Being able to select multiple words to be changed at the same time and the ease of changing font size and and other formatting very useful. Although I have not used them much I feel the numerous dictation boxes that are available in speechproductivity to be a must have if you are working with non-Dragon friendly programs.

I also cannot say enough about the customer support that is offered. I had a very odd conflict with one part of the program on my computer and it was very quickly taken care of. It was unique to my situation I was very impressed with the support I received. I would highly recommend this program to anybody that is totally dependent on voice recognition software to use their computer.

Raymond Kelly, C3/4 complete
Rensselaer Falls, New York USA

Bypass MS Word "jumping" cursor problem. NEVER ever lose dictated text.

Speech Productivity (SP) is definitely one of those tools I would tell people to purchase. I usually do not endorse a product unless it really, really does what it says and it surprises me.

Just finished working on a document with more than 300 pages and not once was I frustrated with MS Word 2016 going up and down before the text hit the screen and me looking for the insertion point to appear.
SP is another tool under my belt. I am loving the ability to be able to press a key and something happening without me having to say a word with the HotKeys feature. But the thing I like the most, is the fact that I NEVER ever lose the dictated text even when I do something I am not supposed to do and the dictation box goes away. If for only this feature I would recommend purchasing SP.

I would recommend SP to anyone who works on 'monstrous' documents like I do (a couple of years ago worked on a 900-page document. Oh, how I wish SP was available then, that way I would have more hair today).

MVG (full name on file) from Connecticut

Overcoming issues with immobility and weakening eyesight. Increasing business productivity. 

I work in the United Kingdom as a commercial contracts consultant managing and negotiating high-value and complex commercial contracts. I am an engineer by profession but I deal with a considerable amount of legal work. Typically, I dictate 5000 words per week and use a variety of applications many of which are cloud-based. 

I first encountered hand pain in 1992. I first sought medical help in 2007 but for many years the diagnosis was inconclusive. Generally, I think that my problems fall into the category of Repetitive Strain Injury “RSI” although I now know that I have osteoarthritis amongst other problems. By 2011, I was starting to engage a variety of tools and began to rely heavily upon Dragon Naturally Speaking® for my dictation.

Characteristically, I used to type almost exclusively into so-called “Dragon-friendly” applications such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Outlook. Dragon works very well where direct dictation is accepted, however, about three years ago I noticed that industry started to move towards nonstandard cloud-based applications. Nuance, whilst improving its speech accuracy, had offered very little help in this area. Dragon does provide a dictation-box but it is really quite tiny and cannot easily be moved around the screen. I reached out for help on LinkedIn and was referred to Speech Productivity. The developer had experienced similar difficulties and has come up with a solution providing controllable dictation boxes.

Speech Productivity has been very receptive to listening to his customers and evolving the product over time to meet community needs. For me, there are three massive advantages in using Speech Productivity: overcoming problems with immobility, helping to overcome problems with weakening eyesight and increasing business productivity. 

Overcoming my problems with immobility
My use of the SP Dictation Boxes enable me to reduce hand intervention to about 5%. I do use other RSI solutions such as the Handshoe Mouse and a home-made mouse click a button. With this help the pain in my hands has reduced considerably and enabled me to keep working. I use a simple command “whoosh” to open a box prior to dictating and a command “transfer-it” to copy the text back to the target application. Most importantly, the text is never lost. A problem can occur where cloud applications go on a go-slow and refuse to accept text: in this case the boxes act as a buffer because the boxes always accept text even where the application temporarily refuses to do so.

Helping to overcome my problems with weakening eyesight

I work nowadays with a Ultra High Definition (UHD) screen. This allows me to bring up several applications at a time or two compare to legal documents side-by-side. There is a problem in using a large screen expanse (28 inches) in that it is necessary to move one’s head from position to position: this is fine but in time it becomes quite preferable to dictate into an eyelevel point at the centre of the screen. I do most of my dictation work at a point that is roughly in the centre of the screen but SP has provided facilities such that the boxes can be moved around by voice. Sometimes it is necessary to move the box to work with the underlying text. SP also introduced a Transparent Dictation Box whereby the underlying text can still be read but better still is the Translucent Box which allows a compromise between focusing upon the foreground text whilst being able to see some of the background text. Vitally important, of course, is text size which can be adjusted to personal preference.

Increasing business productivity

For me, my business productivity has increased massively through the use of these tools. Work colleagues are quite amazed when they see me working. By and large, people continue to bash away at their keyboards and even trained touch typist are slower than the voice dictators. The proofreading utility “Grammarly” tells me weekly that I am more productive than 96% of the Grammarly user base. SP is more than a dictation box only product: it has introduced me to many additional features that have improved my method of working. SP calls these features “ergonomic commands”. They are ergonomic because they decrease manual intervention, are easy on your voice and increase productivity.

All in all, I would say that Speech Productivity is a must at the professional level product that permits dictation anywhere. The developer has built up a collection of value-added features that are not highly promoted but are well worth exploring. The program offers far more than just dictation boxes.

Stephen Lewis, Commercial contracts professional
Nimbargent Birmingham, England