Auto Box© 8 Public Demo

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You can use the Auto Box© 8 Demo for as long as you like! All features and options are enabled. 

Try the various Automatic, Semi-Automatic, Messaging, Punctuation, and Manual Modes. Explore Continuous Dictation Feedback and other Accessibility features in the Blind Modes. Use Targeting to force Auto Box© 8 to transfer to specific applications only. Completely Customize the look and feel of Auto Box© 8 with the Highly Responsive Color and Font Pickers. You can even Change the Menu Names into anything you like. How about instantly Translating the Auto Box© interface to Dutch, German, French, Italian, or Spanish?

Take all the time you need to decide whether Auto Box© 8 is for you. Of course, we want you to buy the full version! That's why we've built in two important limitations:

150 character limit
Small watermark in each Transfer

When you've reached the character limit the text background color will turn red. (Auto)Transfer will not be possible until you delete a couple of characters. However, in the Automatic and Punctuation Modes you will most likely not run into this (unless you talk really fast!). That leaves us with the second limitation which is a small watermark, i.e. "¬".  

Of course, the full Auto Box© 8 version does not suffer any of these limitations!