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You now get the cool SP Pointer Tool© for free with any Speech Productivity purchase!

Auto Box© 8

Auto Box© 8 is the closest you will get to dictating into Dragon unfriendly apps with genuine Select-and-Say control combined with Automatic Transfers. You can choose between Intuitive Automatic Transfers (punctuation controlled), Fully Automatic Transfers, and Manual Transfers & Transports. You can seamlessly switch to different target applications while keeping Auto Box© on top (dominant state) or you can use passive state if you want to edit directly in your target application.

Auto Box© 8 has huge improvements like Application locking (Targeting), Adjustable Activation and Switching delay, Smart Dominant Mode, Form Filler Mode. You can Tab/Tab Back in your target application right from within Auto Box© 8!

The Auto Box© 8 GUI is completely adjustable. Not only can you change text, interface font and (background) colors, the new Localization feature also allows you to change the button and menu names of the box. That's right, name the buttons whatever you like! The Localization feature also allows you to instantly translate the Auto Box© 8 interface language to Dutch, German, French, Spanish, and Italian.

True accessibility for Visually Impaired users with the Auto Box© 8 Blind Modes featuring optional Continuous Dictation Feedback, Command Acknowledge Feedback, Sound on Continue, and Automatic ON/OFF Toggling of the Dragon microphone upon reading.

Auto Box© 8 has an extensive, easy accessible Help file to get acquainted with all its features.

Auto Box© 8 Demonstration Videos

The Powerful 4th Generation Auto Box©

Auto Box© 8.2 features Localization with out-of-the-box support for Dutch, German, French, Spanish, and Italian

Auto Box© 8.2.1 features optional Continuous Dictation Feedback and more accessibility options for blind users

Zen Editor© 8

With its powerful Automatic Backup feature, Theme Editor, Automatic Scaling Adjustment, Variable Text Encoding, Ergonomic Layout, Extreme Dragon friendliness, and many interesting editing functions, Zen Editor© 8 is the perfect alternative for the Dragon unfriendly Notepad version in Windows 11.

You can set Zen as your default editor for the following file types: txt, ahk, au3, bat, cs, c++, c, csv, cmd, dvc, htm, html, ini, log, reg, vbs, xml. 

Zen was originally designed as a True Full Screen, No Distractions editor (hiding the taskbar as well). Perfect for writers and novelists. However, it has evolved into an allround, extremely voice ergonomic (plain) text editor. Normal price is $20 but it's currently for sale with 50% off!

Contrary to most other text editors Zen has directly accessible (top level) menu items like: Open, New, Save As, Undo, Redo. And many Dragon users will be pleased to hear that Zen Editer has the "old-fashioned" unlimited (one by one) undo stack! 

Zen has interesting functions like instantly importing underlying applications text, with Get Text feature. But there's more. You can quickly add line numbers to your text or apply various Casings to it. instantly remove empty, duplicate, or unnecessary lines, or immediately make all text one paragraph. Directly send contents to Google, Open Office, Libre Office, Notepad or WordPad.

Zen has built in High Contrast and Visually Impaired Modes. In addition you can completely customize the way Zen looks with the built in Theme Editor

You can manually set Text Encoding while saving files, or you can set ASCII, UTF-8 or Unicode as global defaults.

Zen has a convenient, adjustable, Continuous Backup function which is a real must for writers!

Zen has the sleekest, highly visible most ergonomic Font Picker you've ever seen. Commonly used fonts are directly accessible. But if you click the "More Fonts" button Zen will quickly scan your system for all available fonts on your system and display them in a highly responsive, full-screen Font Picker!  

The same thing goes for all colors in Zen. Everything is customizable, whether it's the text color, text background color, interface text color, or interface background color.

Just like Auto Box© 8, Zen has a quickly accessible and extensive Help file.

SP Grids© 8

SP Grids© is the highly adjustable alternative to the Dragon MouseGrid. It features
real-time adjusting of the number of cells/rows (up to 1000!), colors, opacity, grid location, etc. There is also the option to target the Taskbar only.

SP Grids© can be a very useful tool to anyone who has problems operating a standard mouse. We made it available at a low price so it will be affordable for anyone.

Watch the video below to get a glimpse of the powerful features of SP Grids©.

Please note that SP Grids© only supports single monitor setup. If you are using a multi-monitor setup you will be interested in SP 7 PRO's Grid

SP HotString©

The fastest and easiest way to quickly insert any string of plain text (boilerplates, code snippets, signatures etc.) into any application by pressing a simple Hotkey of your choice! Best of all, although the application can be controlled with Dragon, it is not burdening Dragon in any way. That's because SP HotString© stores the data in its own dedicated (encrypted) file.

So go ahead, and store as many (long) strings as you like. The only limitation is the amount of keys on your keyboard ;-). Watch the video below to see what we mean!

SP Translucency Slider© + SP Window Tricks©

The SP Translucency Slider© can make any window or application translucent, by voice in a visual and intuitive way. The slider acts on the currently active window. If you switch to another window (and repeat the Translucency Slider voice command) you can apply translucency to that window as well.

If you purchase SP Translucency Slider© now, you will get SP Window Tricks© for free! You can consider Window Tricks the big brother. It also has the slider but in addition, you can perform various other manipulations to the active window. Like modifying the system menu, changing the window title, perform precise placement and sizing (and copy those specifications). You can even completely disable/freeze any window (as a safety measure for instance, to make sure that its contents will not accidentally change). Here's the demonstration video:

SP Hotkey Manager Extended©

SP Hotkey Manager Extended© is a very powerful, yet extremely easy to use Hotkey Manager. You can program a hotkey to open up any File, Program, Folder, and Website URL. You can even program global Mouse Positions (currently pointer placement only, no clicks).

Creating a hotkey is as easy as cake. Click Browse For File, locate your file and click Press Desired Hotkey. Now manually press your desired key combination (or speak the keys with Dragon). Then click Store Hotkey. That's it, you're done! Your entry will appear in the list and the hotkey works immediately.

Needless to say that this app is also fully voice controlled. Just say the name of the buttons to control everything by voice with Dragon. If you like you can add SP Hotkey Manager Extended© to Windows startup with one single voice command. You can program an almost endless list of Hotkeys. The only limitation is the amount of keys on your keyboard!

Note that this app will be updated in the future. We are planning to add optional clicks to the Mouse Positions and the option to program SendKeys combinations. That means you will be able to send longer key combinations, like Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F4 with just one single key. If you purchase now the upgrades to this tool will remain completely free!

SP Hotkey Manager Extended© Demonstration Video

SP Mouse Recorder©

Experienced Dragon users know that creating Mouse Positions can be very useful to click buttons, menus, links, etc. by voice. However, oftentimes those Mouse Position are needed only temporarily. In such cases you wish there was a faster solution than tediously having to write Advanced Dragon scripts for each and every Mouse Position.

This is where SP Mouse Recorder© comes in. A practical, voice ergonomic tool to create Mouse Positions without any Dragon scripting! The Mouse Positions are created on the fly and work instantly. They are stored as long as the program is running and on a per Windows session basis. You can left-click, right-click, double-click, or triple-click in a specific location. You can also drag the mouse to that location. Watch the demonstration video below to see what we mean!

SP Mouse Recorder© was just updated to version 1.2 and now it will also let you produce Global Mouse Position DVC Scripts and place them on the clipboard. Just place the pointer in any position and say "Script Left Click". On my system for example, if I place the pointer in the middle of the screen the result would be:

SetMousePosition 0,759,383

Wait 10

ButtonClick 1,1

You can also script a Right Click and a Double Click. The only thing left to do next is open up your Dragon Command Browser, double-click any existing DVC voice command and choose "Create New". Now paste in the produced script, give your new command a name and click Save. 

SP Zoom©

SP Zoom© offers an interesting alternative to Microsoft Magnifier. It's also different from SP Lens© featured in both SP Standard and SP PRO. In the sense that you are not actually moving the magnifier/lens window around. Instead SP Zoom© will enlarge whatever is under your mouse pointer.

The SP Zoom© window is adjustable and will remember its current size and location next time you launch it. Enjoy any of the 16 directly available zooming (%) settings. They can be triggered by voice on the fly, whether SP Zoom© is already running or not. 

Watch the demonstration video on the right.

SP Global Transport©

SP Global Transport© is a nifty little tool that makes it possible to use Dragon friendly text editors like DragonPad, Notepad, Wordpad, Open Office Writer, MS Word etc. as a simple dictation box for continuous transfers. Among SP users continuous transfers are known as "Transports". The Grave Accent Key near the top left corner of your keyboard functions as a Hotkey.

There's no doubt that this utility can greatly enhance productivity for those who work with Dragon unfriendly Office applications or browsers. But it will come in handy for anyone who want to use their favorite editor as a dictation box! 

By the way, if you're looking for the best alternative to the Dragon dictation box then you should check out the fast and extremely versatile dictation boxes in SP 7 Standard and SP 7 PRO.

SP Pointer Tool©

This tool comes as a free bonus with any Speech Productivity purchase. It allows you to instantly change your current mouse pointer into any of the 49 great-looking, highly visible template pointers. Just hover over any of them to get a preview and (voice)click to load them!

You can instantly set pointer trails, swap mouse buttons, hide the pointer, and more. SP Pointer Tool© can be useful if you have vision problems or if you are using a head mouse.

SP Pointer Tool© will automatically be added for free to anything you purchase on this website!