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Custom Video Tutorials & Email Support

Dragon NaturallySpeaking® is a magnificent piece of software for computer users with disabilities and it's probably just as popular among lawyers, medical staff, writers, translators, etc.. 

But if you are a beginner it can be fairly daunting to find your way through all the Dragon® features. Particularly if you are using one of the Professional versions (DPI 14/15). But even if you are an experienced user you probably already found out that the speech recognition journey is an ongoing one. There's always room for improvement, creativity and especially: enhanced productivity! Chances are you may need some help or advice with any the following.

Installation of Dragon®
Choosing the best microphone(s) for your situation (keeping the costs at a minimum)
Using more effective dictation techniques
Optimizing your system for Dragon® (hardware & software optimization)
Making virtually any application hands-free
Effectively setting up and managing your Dragon® user profiles
Learning effective Dragon Scripting
Getting creative and productive with built-in and custom Dragon® voice commands

Avoiding voice strain, avoiding neck (posture) problems
Performing a maximum amount of computer actions with a minimum amount of commands

Which of the available additional Dragon® Add-ons are useful in your specific situation? 

How does your support work?

Depending on your type of query we can send you an easy to understand explainer email or a tailor-made tutorial video addressing your specific questions/issues with Dragon®.  

Of course we are going to need a detailed description of your request/problem. You can write an email, record an audio file or even send a screen shot/video recording about your specific problem or request (the latter has proven to be very effective).

If our email/video does not fully answer your question(s) then we will send you an additional one free of charge until the issue has been completely addressed.

If it's a video does that mean it's an online video?

No, much better. The actual tutorial video (MP4) will be sent to your email address. It's for your eyes only. You can watch it as many times as you want. The video is yours and yours alone.

How much do you charge for your support?

Compared to other services out there you only pay a fraction of the costs. However the price depends on the amount of problems/requests and the length of the email/video. But usually the damage is limited to about $50.

Who does the support?

Your support comes from a Dragon® user with many years of extensive Speech recognition experience (8 to 12 hours a day, every day). I've been around, I know what it's like to overcome physical limitations with your computer. I can help you get the most out of Dragon NaturallySpeaking®.

Completely Risk-Free

As with all Speech Productivity products and services, if you are not satisfied you will get an immediate refund. No questions asked! 

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