SP 6 PROFESSIONAL is on its way!

We are currently in the process of finishing up SP 6 PROFESSIONAL - The Dragon Enhancement & Productivity Suite.

We won't go much into the details just yet ;-) but we assure you that it's going to be an extremely useful and versatile package with a total of 21(!) Productivity Dragon Add-ons (more will be added in the future).

All existing SP modules have been greatly improved and many brand-new Add-ons were added. You'll be amazed when you see the scope and the possibilities of this program.

If you liked the SP Dictation Boxes in version 5, you will love the new All-in-One Dictation Box in version 6 because it has 10 times the amount of functionality!

Before the official release we will send an upgrade offer to current SP 5 Pro users so they can get their hands on it first. 

New users, by all means don't let this stop you from buying the current SP 5 Pro version! Speech Productivity upgrade policy is such that you only pay the price difference. So you never "lose" money if you upgrade :-).

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