SP 5 Standard gives you the fastest Dictation Boxes for Dragon but there's more! Here are the other features:

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Chrome is the favorite browser for most people but it isn't very Dragon friendly. The Chrome web extension doesn't always work and may cause Dragon to become unresponsive. Without the Dragon extension Chrome will only support so-called "dumb dictation" (no detection of new lines, no correction, more recognition mistakes).
CHROME SEARCH is a fast Select-and-Say enabled search box with very comfortable voice commands. This will greatly enhance your Internet searches with Chrome. You can also do Internet searches right from your desktop!


If you love to browse the web you want to quickly save interesting website URLs and text. You don't want to switch back and forth to a text editor and you may like to have all your collected data in the same, safe place. 
QUICK STORE enables ultrafast saving of your data in Chrome and Internet Explorer (In SP 5.7 Pro it works in all browsers). It silently stores your data to a safe place with one single voice command! No more interruption of your workflow! See it in action


DRAGON & VC RESTART is the first utility that quickly restarts both Dragon and VoiceComputer with a simple hotkey (VoiceComputer enables complete hands-free control of your computer).
You won't even have to leave the application or window you're working in. There's no distraction. If you don't have VoiceComputer installed then only Dragon will be restarted. See it in action
SP 5.7 Pro includes support for restarting KnowBrainer and SpeechStart+ (instead of VoiceComputer) with the same Hotkey!


SP Standard features the Dictation Box TTS which has built in proofreading support (in SP 5.7 Pro it also supports reading of selected sentences only). But you also have SPEAKER at your disposal. It's an alternative to the built-in Dragon text-to-speech voices. It reads out loud any text you have selected using your default Windows 10 voice. Some Dragon users will have noticed that the Dragon TTS voices don't work in several applications like Thunderbird and most Internet browsers. SPEAKER works everywhere. The reading can conveniently be stopped with a hotkey. See it in action


The SP POWER COMMANDS will boost your productivity In speech unfriendly applications. Precede your dictation by a short trigger word to automatically launch the Dictation Box with your dictation already pasted in! Dictate directly into speech unfriendly messenger and chat boxes (SP 5.7 Pro has additional Push & Talk functionality for messaging programs). Additional Windows Explorer Power commands allow you to perform common tasks on files and folders directly (previously not possible with Dragon).


Experienced Dragon users know that the Dragon switch to <application> command for activating applications in the taskbar is not always reliable. SP 5 Standard now has a set of very fast activation commands for the following applications: Chrome, Command Browser, Command Prompt (CMD), Dictation Box, Edge, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Notepad, Open Office Writer, Opera, Outlook, Paint, Thunderbird, Word and Wordpad (SP 5.7 Pro application activation supports more programs/folders and has extra functionality). See it in action