SP 5.1 Standard features the Fastest Dictation Boxes for Dragon professional editions. Speech Productivity has rapidly become the #1 choice to dictate into speech-unfriendly applications.
⦁  Much faster than the Dragon dictation box.
⦁  Ultimate safety. You will never lose your dictation again!
⦁  Advanced, Transparent, High Contrast, TTS versions included
⦁  Hotkey control for instant launching and transferring of text
⦁  Advanced formatting: bolding, italicizing, colorizing, bullets, pictures 
⦁  Ultimate placement control. Place the box anywhere on the screen
⦁  Optional continuous dictation backup
⦁  Proofreading out-of-the-box that just works better! 

But it doesn't stop there. SP 5.1 Standard also gives you:
⦁ Select-and-say enabled Chrome Search
⦁ Superfast Saving of Website URLs and text in Chrome and IE 
⦁ Text to Speech that works everywhere
⦁ Fast, reliable Application Activation
⦁ Quick Dragon and VoiceComputer restart with Hotkeys

Want the ultimate SP experience? Then choose SP Professional  

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The SP Dictation Boxes load In 0.4 seconds. That's much faster than the Dragon dictation box. It's even faster than Notepad. If you use additional Hotley control it launches instantly!
(SP 5.7 Pro has additional Push & Talk Hotkey control). 


The SP Dictation Boxes always store your dictation to the clipboard. Even if you accidentally cancel the Box. It's simply impossible to ever lose your dictation again!
But if you want to keep the clipboard free for other data you can use the Dictation Box no-clip version. 

Best visible

The SP Dictation Boxes really excel when it comes to visibility. Razor-sharp text on any monitor or Windows 10 zoom setting. Perfect
for people with visibility problems.
(SP 5.7 Pro has enhanced visibility options). 

Most versatile

You don't just get one Dictation Box, you get eight additional versions. All equally fast but with their own specialty. It won't take long before you discover your favorite Dictation Box! (SP 5.7 Pro has more enhanced Dictation Box functionality).