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SP 7 Standard

Our popular budget package offers a wide range of tools to instantly boost your Dragon workflow!

Comfortably dictate into speech unfriendly apps with the powerful SP Dictation Boxes. Enhance your hands-free mouse control with various utilities. Perform calculations completely by voice. Turn any Dragon voice command into a Hotkey. Instantly restart Dragon when it has become unresponsive. And much, much more!

Are you a novice/medium-skilled Dragon user? SP Standard is your best choice.


Are you an experienced, high demanding Dragon user? Does your workflow involve advanced editing or programming? Or do you simply want to boost your Dragon productivity to the max?

SP PRO is for you! Enjoy the most powerful Dictation Box ever! Quickly build your own multifunctional hands-free app with Launching Zone©. Perform Select-and-Say controlled web searches. Enjoy Advanced Voice Calculator©. You will have most of the functionalities of SP Standard as well but the modules in PRO are more powerful and highly customizable! 

Standalone Modules

In the Standalone Modules Section you can purchase individual, newly released modules. These are either (much) more advanced versions of existing SP modules, or brand-new modules. 

Currently it features Auto Box© 8, Zen Editor© 8Grids 8©SP HotString©, and recently we added SP Translucency Slider©.

Many new modules will be added here in the future! Most of them will cost anywhere between $14 and $29. Affordable for everyone we think. So stay tuned! 

The Easy Guide to Dragon Scripting

Is it hard to create productive Dragon voice commands?

Not with this book :-). The Easy Guide to Dragon Scripting was written for, and from the perspective of the total scripting newbie! It's the only book on the subject that uses an easy to understand approach. This guide will allow you to script your own Dragon voice commands in no time!
Various examples have been added that can easily be edited to suit your own needs. 


Comfortably dictate and edit in Dragon unfriendly applications:
Auto Box 7 © - Automatic transfers in any target application maintaining genuine Dragon Select-and-Say control (note that the much more powerful Auto Box© 8 version is available as a separate purchase in the Standalone Modules section).
Dictation Box Advanced© - Faster, safer, extremely versatile alternative to the Dragon dictation box.
DB Code Preview© - Innovative mixture of dictation box functionality and syntax highlighting.
SP Editor© - Versatile, more ergonomic rich text alternative to DragonPad. Features 100 built-in voice commands.
SP Zen Editor© - Plain text editor with a true full-screen view, including (optional) hiding of the taskbar (note that the much more powerful Zen Editor© 8 version is available as a separate purchase in the Standalone Modules section).
Quick Correct© - Instantly replace/delete multiple occurrences of words, numbers, letters, etc. 
Spell In Any Application© - You can now use the Dragon Spelling Window in speech unfriendly applications as well!
Enhancements for the Dragon dictation box - Add more power to the Dragon dictation box.

Effective note taking by voice:
HyperNotes© - The quickest way to store your appointments, quick notes, thoughts and ideas.
Quick Store© - Lightning-fast storing of website text and URLs.
Dictation to WAV© - Save your dictation or selected text from any application as a playable WAV file.

Position and size your applications the fastest way possible:
Global Placement© - Place windows anywhere on the screen or drag/nudge them with pixel precision by voice. 
Global Sizing© - Instant, high precision resizing of any application/Explorer window by voice.

More intuitive voice control of Windows Explorer:
WE Power Commands© - Direct editing control of files and folders in Windows Explorer and Desktop.
Switch© - Window/application switching by voice, 50% faster than Advanced Scripting approach.

Convenient voice searches:
SP Search© - Fast, select-and-say controlled Internet searches right from your Desktop!
Search Correct© - Select-and-say word replacement/removal tool for unfriendly browser address bars and email clients.
Quick Panel© - Your multifunctional hands-free starting page!

Hands-free mouse (pointer) control:
Pointer Grid© - Large 500 cell grid + 1-9 precision grid for placement in Top (left/right), Center, Bottom etc. positions. 
Press Utility© - The quickest, smoothest way to keep your mouse buttons pressed by voice (voice mouse dragging).
Dwell, Click & Wheel Control - The easiest dwell/auto clicker on the market & complete voice mouse wheel control.
SP NumPad Mouse© - More ergonomic, Dragon based alternative to MS Mouse Keys.
Where's my Pointer© - Quickly locate your mouse pointer by voice.

Advanced Hotkey control
Hotkeys for Dragon - Turn any Dragon command or top-level button/menu into a Hotkey!
Dragon & VC Restart© - The fastest way to close or restart Dragon and VoiceComputer.

Additional accessibility tools:
Speaker© - Fast Text To Speech (TTS) utility that works everywhere, guaranteed!
SP Lens© - Easy to use, non-intrusive, portable alternative to Windows magnifier.

More tools:
SP Calculator© - Great-looking 100% voice-controlled calculator for all your simple calculations.
SP Clipboard Viewer© - Real-time monitoring of the clipboard (text and images).
Simple Process Killer© - Quickly kill applications by voice via a simplified Batch approach.
Simple Pause Reminder© - Simple but effective "twenty minutes" pause reminder.

SP Standard is meant for novice and medium-skilled Dragon users.

Although both SP Standard and SP PRO are primarily designed for Dragon Professional Editions (DPI 14/15, DPG, DMPE), most SP Standard modules work with Dragon Home and Premium Editions as well. Several of the modules even work with Dragon Cloud Editions (DPA/DMO).

SP 7 Standard - Demonstration Videos

SP 7.3 Standard - Improvements to DB Minimal (still the fastest box!)

Want even more? You can now boost your speech productivity with 40 powerful Dragon add-ons. SP 7 PRO features nearly everything that SP 7 Standard has but it adds more powerful modules with a much higher level of customization. This package is meant for experienced, demanding Dragon users! 

SP 7 PRO is your one-stop Dragon Naturally Speaking Enhancement & Productivity Suite. No other third-party Dragon add-on package offers such a huge amount of features. Get ready to boost your Dragon experience in numerous ways. There's very little SP 7 PRO cannot do, it covers all bases!

Head over to the SP 7 PRO Product Page and read all about this extremely powerful package. 

SP PRO - All-In-One Dictation Box©

SP PRO - Advanced Application Activation©

SP PRO - Advanced Placement©

SP Press Utility©

SP Quick Correct©

SP PRO - Quiet Box©

SP PRO - Launching Zone©

SP Find Me©

SP PRO - Plates©

SP PRO - Glide©

Create Custom Labels in the AIO Dictation Box