SPEECH PRODUCTIVITY - Fast Addons for Dragon NaturallySpeaking® Professional Editions

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Comfortably dictate and edit in Dragon® unfriendly applications:
Auto Box© - Automatic transfers in any target application maintaining genuine Dragon® Select-and-Say control.
Dictation Box Advanced© - Faster, safer, extremely versatile alternative to the Dragon® dictation box.
DB Code Preview© - Innovative mixture of dictation box functionality and syntax highlighting.
SP Editor© - Versatile, more ergonomic rich text alternative to DragonPad®. Features 100 built-in voice commands.
SP Zen Editor© - Plain text editor with a true full-screen view, including (optional) hiding of the taskbar. 
Quick Correct© - Instantly replace/delete multiple occurrences of words, numbers, letters, etc. 
Spell In Any Application© - You can now use the Dragon® Spelling Window in speech unfriendly applications as well!
Enhancements for the Dragon® dictation box - Add more power to the Dragon® dictation box.

Effective note taking by voice:
HyperNotes© - The quickest way to store your appointments, quick notes, thoughts and ideas.
Quick Store© - Lightning-fast storing of website text and URLs.
Dictation to WAV© - Save your dictation or selected text from any application as a playable WAV file.

Position and size your applications the fastest way possible:
Global Placement© - Place windows anywhere on the screen or drag/nudge them with pixel precision by voice. 
Global Sizing© - Instant, high precision resizing of any application/Explorer window by voice.

More intuitive voice control of Windows Explorer:
WE Power Commands© - Direct editing control of files and folders in Windows Explorer and Desktop.
Switch© - Window/application switching by voice, 50% faster than Advanced Scripting approach.

Convenient voice searches:
SP Search© - Fast, select-and-say controlled Internet searches right from your Desktop!
Search Correct© - Select-and-say word replacement/removal tool for unfriendly browser address bars and email clients.
Quick Panel© - Your multifunctional hands-free starting page!

Hands-free mouse (pointer) control:
Pointer Grid© - Large 500 cell grid + 1-9 precision grid for placement in Top (left/right), Center, Bottom etc. positions. 
Press Utility© - The quickest, smoothest way to keep your mouse buttons pressed by voice (voice mouse dragging).
Dwell, Click & Wheel Control - The easiest dwell/auto clicker on the market & complete voice mouse wheel control.
SP NumPad Mouse© - More ergonomic, Dragon® based alternative to MS Mouse Keys.
Where's my Pointer© - Quickly locate your mouse pointer by voice.

Advanced Hotkey control
Hotkeys for Dragon® - Turn any Dragon® command or top-level button/menu into a Hotkey!
Dragon® & VC Restart© - The fastest way to close or restart Dragon® and VoiceComputer.

Additional accessibility tools:
Speaker© - Fast Text To Speech (TTS) utility that works everywhere, guaranteed!
SP Lens© - Easy to use, non-intrusive, portable alternative to Windows magnifier.

More tools:
SP Calculator© - Great-looking 100% voice-controlled calculator for all your simple calculations.
SP Clipboard Viewer© - Real-time monitoring of the clipboard (text and images).
Simple Process Killer© - Quickly kill applications by voice via a simplified Batch approach.
Simple Pause Reminder© - Simple but effective "twenty minutes" pause reminder.

SP Standard is meant for novice and medium-skilled Dragon® users.

Although both SP Standard and SP PRO are primarily designed for Dragon® Professional Editions (DPI 14/15, DPG, DMPE), most SP Standard modules work with Dragon® Home and Premium Editions as well. Several of the modules even work with Dragon® Cloud Editions (DPA/DMO).

SP 7 Standard - Demonstration Videos

Want even more? You can now boost your speech productivity with 40 powerful Dragon® add-ons. SP 7 PRO features nearly everything that SP 7 Standard has but it adds more powerful modules with a much higher level of customization. This package is meant for experienced, demanding Dragon® users! 

SP 7 PRO is your one-stop Dragon Naturally Speaking® Enhancement & Productivity Suite. No other third-party Dragon® add-on package offers such a huge amount of features. Get ready to boost your Dragon® experience in numerous ways. There's very little SP 7 PRO cannot do, it covers all bases!

Head over to the SP 7 PRO Product Page and read all about this extremely powerful package. 

SP PRO - All-In-One Dictation Box©

SP PRO - Advanced Application Activation©

SP PRO - Advanced Placement©

SP Press Utility©

SP Quick Correct©

SP PRO - Quiet Box©

SP PRO - Launching Zone©

SP Find Me©

SP PRO - Plates©

SP PRO - Glide©

Don't like "Transfer", "Transport", "Cancel" etc.? In SP PRO you can set your own Menu names!